Sunday, September 27, 2009

September Daring bakes make puff pastry.

Sorry folks no pictures this time. My laptop has bit the I have no access to a computer that accepts whatever the little memory card out of the camera is called. You'll have to survive.

On to the challenge. Making homemade puff pastry. And using the to make homemade Vols aux Vents. Not a fail...not a success. They rose...a little. I did enjoy making them though. Quite a bit. Like others have reported they were super buttery and greasy while in the oven. You could literally see them bubbling away. Not so healthy but delicious. May have been my fault since I halved the recipe and baked them out of memory because I didn't have access to the laptop to check the directions. Overall a fun challenge and the pastry was DELICIOUS! I had high hopes of filling them with ham, asparagus, and some hollandaise. Instead they got sugar free whipped cram and strawberries. Not so gourmet but yummy regardless. We're gonna see how ift goes if I attempt them in the future. And I will post a post with the recipe and pictures hopefully once the computer is fixed.

Happy September. Hopefully next month I'll have a new born to help me =)

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